Building a Triple Toe – Part 1 (Chris Conte)

International coach and jump specialist Chris Conte works with a skater who wants to learn a triple toe loop. This entire portion of the lesson is a discussion of what it takes to create a triple, and all skaters need to go through these stages of development. And although this skater wants to work on a triple, it is clear to Chris that the skater isn’t ready yet and he notes into the microphone (not to the skater) that the jump is not yet “triple material.”

When improving a double jump to be able to land a triple, nearly all skaters need to both create more air time (jump higher) and create more rotational energy during the take-off. Additionally, most skaters also need to improve the efficiency of their jump air position, as well as the quickness of getting into that position. Chris notes that in skating jumps we “leave the ice rotating” and he discusses the idea of “spumping” which is a combination of “spinning” and “jumping.”

Chris offers a helpful “rule of thumb” for helping determine if a double jump is ready to become a triple. He talks about a double being “through the top” which a way of saying the rotation of the jump is already done at the apex, allowing the skater to float down to the ice from the top with little to no rotation (up to a half turn). Rather than focus on exact timing markers and heights, Chris approximates being at the peak of a jump when a skater’s foot it roughly at the height of their own kneecap.

When analyzing this skater’s double toe, Chris notes the reach is “kinda short” and the skater has some “back angle” or power angle “but not enough to create what you need (rotation and height).” Additi0nally, the skater requires the entire air time to accomplish the necessary rotations in the air. In this case, he recommends focusing on the double and making it better rather than trying triples at this stage.


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