Building a Triple Toe – Part 2 (Chris Conte)

International coach and jump specialist Chris Conte continues his lesson with a skater who wants to learn a triple toe loop. In Part 1 Chris analyzed the double and decided to work on improving the double rather than trying triples. He discussed air time and the need for more reach and more back angle. In this video, Chris works on drills to improve alignment and reach, and the moment of accelerating the take-off.

Chris begins by noting that he prefers to enter a triple or quad toe on a curve rather than a straight line. The straight line isn’t wrong, but Chris finds it easier to create body lean and edge pressure using a curve. Next, he works on the push back for the toe loop from an already backward initial position (from a forward outside three, or inside mohawk, or even a back crossover). After the push, the free foot should remain low to the ice. To learn the proper lean into the circle, Chris uses backward hockey lunges. It’s very important to do this exercise correctly with the hip tucked underneath.

After the hockey lunge drill to improve alignment and body lean, Chris heads back to the wall to work further on the push back and reach. Here he wants a longer reach, and he emphasizes the “ballet 4th position” the feet end up in after the full push back (90 degrees). After the toe enters the ice, there’s a moment of “compression.” Here again he mentions the necessary lean into the circle, before working on the acceleration into rotation during the pivot.


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