Figure Skating Jump Tip – Foundation Skills For Jumping – Part 1 (Audrey Weisiger)

Audrey Weisiger begins a multiple part series on important foundational concepts she has developed during her coaching career.  In this presentation, Audrey discusses her “h and d system” or the “alignment system.”  The system is a series of drills used to develop body awareness, proper movement, and correct muscle memory of both moving and static positions.  Audrey says, “I think it’s important that you understand the purpose behind of the drills.”  The CD of drills Audrey mentions in the video is available on the Grassroots to Champions website in the G2C Retail Store.  (The product is called Grassroots to Champions Coaches Manual and Digital Mediabook.)

Audrey begins with a thorough discussion of “neutral alignment” (without edges).  She shares important details about body positioning and even weight placement on the blade.  Audrey demonstrates what she wants on two feet, and discusses “nose over toes” (good) and “head over heels” (bad).  Also notice the focus on straightening the knees as Audrey considers this a critical foundation skill, and she explains why.  Audrey’s goal is to build skills that support efficient and attractive jump air positions.


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