Figure Skating Jump Tip – Foundation Skills For Jumping – Part 2 (Audrey Weisiger)

Audrey Weisiger continues her multiple part series on important foundational concepts she has developed during her coaching career.  In Part 1, Audrey introduced the “h and d system” and covered the neutral alignment she wants as a pre-requisite for the drill in the video below.

In this video, Audrey explains the development of the “h-position.”  Audrey gives a list of pre-requisites before a skater moves on to the h-position.  She introduces the h-position standing at the barrier.  She explains it in detail, with special emphasis on the free toe turned in (not out).  As Audrey notes, “To me this is one of the number one things I start seeing going wrong from the get-go with a lot of kids and their h-position.”  The tip about the little toe and kneecap on the wall is very helpful for many skaters.  Audrey also gives a preview of the d-position and how a skater moves properly from one to the other.

Next Audrey explains why these positions are important to learn and master.  She offers more insights about common problems and discusses the need for “internal rotation” for good jumping.  She also touches on the “two toes position” and offers justification for teaching/learning it to improve landings.

Audrey repeats a number of concepts in this video.  This emphasis is a result of her experience in teaching the system to large numbers of skaters and coaches and observing what can go wrong.  The details are important.


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