Figure Skating Jump Tip – Foundation Skills For Jumping – Part 4 (Audrey Weisiger)

Audrey Weisiger continues her multiple part series on important foundational concepts she has developed during her coaching career.  In Part 1, Audrey introduced the “h and d system” and covered the neutral alignment she wants as a pre-requisite for the drill in the video below.  In Part 2, Audrey introduced goes into more detail about the “h position” and explains why the positions are so important for jumping.  In Part 3, Audrey goes into more detail regarding the “h” and “d” positions and how to train them properly.

Up to this time, Audrey has explained and demonstrated the positions in a static and stationary manner near the boards.  The next step is to glide backward on a flat (straight line) to learn to control the position while moving.  This drill is only valuable if precision is maintained in the positions.  Audrey recommends stopping by gripping with the bottom toe pick, as it applies to double and triple jumps (angle of inclination in the air).

Audrey also discusses the use of “beanie babies” and other stuffed toys to help with balance, control, and proper posture and alignment.  The head stillness developed using this methods is very helpful for developing body awareness and proper positioning for jumping.

Next, Audrey puts the “h” position on a curve.  She starts by gliding backwards on a circle on two feet with arms in a frame.  (For jumping, the direction matters – CW or CCW.)  On two feet, the inside foot is back slightly using a back outside edge and the skater is leaned slightly into the circle and the shoulders are facing into the circle as well.  Audrey encourages all coaches to use the actual names of the edges as the terminology of skating edges is being lost.  In the demonstration, Audrey notes she is gliding backwards on a “right back outside edge and a left back inside edge.”

The next part of the drill is done on one foot, the back outside edge of the landing foot.  Audrey wants skaters at all levels to do this drill.  Advanced skaters should be able to do the drill easily without effort with perfect alignment.  The most common error is the free thigh starts to turn out and the shoulders start to turn out of the circle.  Audrey demonstrates common errors.

At the very end of the video, Audrey offers a great tip to keeping the thighs together so the hips do not open.


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