Ballet Jump (Audrey Weisiger)

World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger talks about the ballet jump.  The ballet jump is sometimes mistaken for the mazurka, but the non-picking leg remains behind on the ballet jump.  To start, Audrey does not focus on getting the back leg up very high for safety reasons.  But she likes the ballet jump as a tool for learning the proper movement for a good split jump.

Audrey explains the movement and positions.  She also talks about common problems.  The most common is skaters leading with the head and the solution is simply to have the skater look to the side (not the direction of flow) in the air.  For more advanced skaters, the ballet jump is something that is appropriate for footwork sequences.

Many beginning skaters are uncomfortable on their toe picks so Audrey has them walk around on their toes.  She explains the need to place the toe in ahead of the body.  She shares a great little song and dance for little skaters to get them comfortable on their toe picks.


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