Figure Skating Jump Tip – Foundation Skills For Jumping – Part 3 (Audrey Weisiger)

Audrey Weisiger continues her multiple part series on important foundational concepts she has developed during her coaching career.  In Part 1, Audrey introduced the “h and d system” and covered the neutral alignment she wants as a pre-requisite for the drill in the video below.  In Part 2, Audrey introduced goes into more detail about the “h position” and explains why the positions are so important for jumping.

In this video, Audrey recommends that skaters get comfortable doing backspins in the “h” and “d” positions.  She makes the point that a typical backspin and the “h” position backspin drill for jumping are two different things.  She says, “Make sure you differentiate a jumping drill and practicing a back spin.”

Audrey explains the details of the “d” position and the need to get the hips closed and the feet touching.  More specifically, it’s important that you get “the heel of your free foot against the ankle bone of your axis leg.”  Audrey explains that both legs are NOT straight and she demonstrates exactly what she means.  She says, “The thighs should be squeezing” as this engages the internal rotation needed for a good air position.  Audrey explains how to use a dog toy squeaker to encourage the skater to use the thighs properly.  Audrey also discusses the idea of flexing the axis foot to lock the feet together, even under the forces of rotation.

Notice the focus on making ankle contact in the air.  (Check out Audrey’s ankle buzzers!)  Audrey says, “The tighter your feet are, the faster and more secure your rotational position will be.”  She also discusses the arms at the very end of the video.


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