Figure Skating Jumps – Arms and Air Position (Frank Carroll)

Olympic Coach Frank Carroll discusses some important details regarding figure skating jumping.  Air position is especially important in triple jumps and quads jumps.

In the video below, Frank answers the age-old question of which arm should come in first.  Many coaches teach crossing the arms, and it’s a very common discussion point in skating regarding which arm is over the top of the other.  Frank shares his insights regarding this, and you’ll see that quickness of getting in the rotational position is his primary goal.  Notice in the demonstrations that both hands are on the right side of his zipper, making the air position asymmetrical.  Frank also takes some time to discuss the back spin as a teaching tool for creating efficient jump air positions.  Again, notice the asymmetry of this position.  The idea that the free side of the body (hips, shoulders, etc) needs to be pressed forward is an important detail to provide efficient rotation and allow quick and solid landings.  Frank talks about the axis of the jump being down the right side of the body (not down the center of the body).


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