Advanced Skater Spin Lesson – Part 1 (Charyl Brusch)

In this short video, figure skating spin specialist Charyl Brusch begins a spin lesson with an advanced skater. All of the spins in this video are relatively basic spins which this skater has already mastered so we don’t get too much feedback from Charyl. But there are a few comments that also apply to many other skaters at this level. Part of the value of this video is simply seeing an advanced skater perform these “simple” spins well.

On the upright backspin, Charyl reminds the skater to keep her chin up. On the sit change sit Charyl wants the skater to maintain the back arch through the transition and into the back sit. On the back sit to front sit the comment about the back is the same. Charyl describes the skater’s sit position as a “little hunchy” and she wants the chin up during the transition. On the camel change camel, Charyl wants the shoulders more level to the ice on the entrance, as this skater has a fairly strong twist that is very common. She describes this as keeping the skating side (left) arm higher to help prevent that shoulder from dropping so much. She also wants a bit more knee action on the transition. For the solo back camel Charyl asks the skater to “keep that arm pulling back and the chest up.”


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