Camel Sit Lesson (Charyl Brusch)

Figure skating spin specialist Charyl Brusch continues a lesson with a skater, focusing on the camel sit position change. Prior to this, Charyl worked on this skater’s camel spin and sit spin independently. On the first attempt for the camel sit, Charyl observes that the rotational speed actually slows down rather than accelerates. She has the skater get into a camel position at the boards, and she moves the skater’s free leg to show the desired movement for the transition to the sit spin. The free leg remains high and goes around rather than dropping down and underneath.

Also, the upper body remains in a forward position from the camel spin to the sit and does not come up. Charyl says, “This (free leg) is moving, and nothing else.” Charyl describes the movement of the free leg from the high “side” position into the sit as a “whip” to accelerate the rotation. She also explains that the free leg comes around quickly and “within one turn.” The skater’s back remains in the same position but drops down “like an elevator” into the sit as the skating leg bends.

After another attempt, Charyl reminds the skater to keep spinning on the same part of the blade throughout the positions and transition, and think of “spinning from the camel into the sit.” At the end Charyl reminds the skater to “keep the head over the skating foot” when exiting the spin to maintain control of the exit edge and rotation.


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