Camel Spin Lesson (Charyl Brusch)

Figure skating spin specialist Charyl Brusch gives a basic camel spin lesson. The skater already has some experience with the camel spin, and the issues covered are very common for skaters trying to master this foundational spin. This skater drags the free foot on the ice during the camel entry. Charyl does not like this, but she does like the fact that the free foot stays behind the skater throughout the entry. Charyl has the skater do a spiral before discussing the placement of the free leg in the desired spiral position. The free leg should be straight and the free foot directly back behind the free hip. Charyl also wants the skating shoulder pulled up and back to twist the upper body more parallel with the ice.

Charyl also says, “When you go into this, I don’t want you to think of leaning. I want you to actually think of this side (skating side) staying up a little bit more. Don’t release your head. Don’t drop the skating shoulder.” She cautions against allowing the skating shoulder to drop as the skating arm “swims” or presses back. After another attempt, Charyl says, “Try to not lean so far forward when you step in. I want you to step in a little more upright and let the back end come up instead of letting the front end drop down.”

Next Charyl focuses on where the skater needs to be on the blade to spin correctly. She has the skater do an assisted back camel to feel this spot on the blade, and to learn the correct overall balance and position. She wants the skater to balance more directly over the blade (to the skating side) rather than letting the free foot or body droop to the free side. The next camel attempt is very nice, aside from the exit. Charyl reminds the skater not to be on “too much edge” while spinning, since that causes big circles on the ice and a slower spin.


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