Various Sit Spin Tips (Charyl Brusch)

Figure skating spin specialist Charyl Brusch gives a sit spin lesson covering the pancake, bullet (or shotgun), basic sit,  and back sit (from sit change sit). They begin with the pancake and Charyl wants the skater to maintain a stronger back position when moving into the final position, and this skater does a great job with alignment (center of body over skating foot). Next up is the bullet, and Charyl again wants a stronger back with the head up on the entry and initial movement into the position.

The rest of the lesson focuses on the sit change sit, and again Charyl asks for a stronger back position. She wants this skater to bring the free leg in closer and sooner on the back sit, and she’s also concerned about the alignment. Some coaches want skaters to think of a backspin as happening on the little toe, but Charyl wants this skater to think of stepping on the big toe and turning on the big toe. This prevents too much outside edge which results in falls. Charyl aslo explains that hands too low on the sit spin often causes the back to round, so raising the hands can immediately create a stronger back for the sit spin.

To help with alignment and “getting over the skating side” Charyl assists the skater to hit the balance position at a standstill. The back sit position requires a lot of ankle bend for most skaters and the skating knee has to be pressed well forward of the skating toe. The knee must come directly over the toe, however, as opposed to left or right or the alignment won’t work.


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