Sit Change Sit Tips (Charyl Brusch)

Spin specialist Charyl Brusch shares some helpful tips for skaters working on sit-change sit combo spins.  She begins by focusing on free leg positions and movement of the arms during the entry to maximize rotational energy for the initial sit spin. By keeping the free leg back and over the tracing during the majority of the entry edge, most skaters will have more control of the entry edge, meaning they can press on it more strongly to create more rotational energy and release it more quickly for the hook and the spin itself. Notice how Charyl wants the skater to keep the skating side arm forward throughout the entry as well, and only move it in a sweeping or swimming movement during the hook just prior to the spin. In the sit position, she asks the skater repeatedly to arch her back, which allows the body to be in a strong position with the chin up, yet the body forward enough to balance over the skate.

For the transition into the back sit, Charyl wants the skater to stay down, and focus on pressing through the “big toe” of the skating foot prior to the push/step. In particular, she makes a point of encouraging the skater to keep the body pressed forward during the transition, rather than allowing the body to pull back or up which is so common. Charyl shares a great standstill 2 foot exercise to simulate the step between the spins. This allows the skater to correctly work the arms while keeping the body still, and even feel the hip snap of the “change.” The axis side arm opens by pulling back prior to the transition and then on the step and snap it closes back in front. Charyl then discusses the process of cycling through the issues as a way to slowly improve the spin.


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