Using LRP Chart for Motivation and Tracking (Page Lipe)

International coach Page Lipe explains how to write out an LRP Chart on the ice and use it for more focused program practice and tracking. LRP stands for Landed, Rotated, or Popped and this is a concept often discussed by Audrey Weisiger (see here and here). Landed means a successful element, Rotated means the skater went for it but had errors, and Popped means the skater did not even go for the element (or made a low effort attempt).

Writing out the chart on the ice (near the boards on busy sessions) is motivating because it’s there for everyone to see, and it provides immediate visual feedback. Page uses it for program run-throughs, where she puts the program elements vertically on the left of the chart, and L-R-P horizontally across the top. When filled out, the chart then becomes a visual representation of the success of the program. By keeping track of these daily LRP charts, it’s possible to track progress and build confidence entering competitions (or highlights the need to change program elements). Page says, “It gives you a really quick snapshot of where you’re at.” Skaters can take a picture of the chart to keep a record of their progress.


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