Double Loop Lesson (Page Lipe)

International coach Page Lipe gives a skater a double loop lesson.  As you’ll see in the video, the skater is rotating and landing the jump, but the jump lacks flow.  Page wants the arms to be more organized so she uses a skate guard drill where the skater holds a guard in one hand and transfers it to the other hand in the air.  To address the flow issues, Page wants the skater to make the entrance straighter and “keep the head straighter.” She also has the skater do a single jump with arms in frame position.  Notice how Page uses the “reach” with the arms to help lengthen the jump and keep it from drifting out to the left (free side).  The explanation, wording, and demonstration will help many skaters and coaches.  She says, “Envision a line, and make sure that everything comes back onto that line.”


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