Brilliant Advice for Coaches (Page Lipe)

Page Lipe shares some tips with coaches on how to stay motivated and use their ongoing education to help bring more passion to the rink.  Many coaches don’t have other coaches at their rink to help motivate them and to learn from.

It’s very common for figure skating coaches to get burned out.  The reasons for this are relatively simple.  Compared to almost any other sport, the progress of skaters is brutally slow, making patience one of the most valuable assets a coach has.  This slow progress means there will be periods of frustration and lack of motivation.  Coaches also get burned out because they get bored with their own teaching.  If you’ve taught the same things the exact same way for 5 years, chances are you’ll go crazy.  Another thing that causes burn out among coaches is when they put out much more energy and effort than their skaters do.  This is fine for short periods, but eventually leads to a “why bother?” attitude over long periods of time.

This little discussion by Page in the coaches room at Parade Ice Garden is a great reminder to coaches to keep learning and expanding.  Most people feel invigorated when they are learning something that they are good at or they enjoy.  So it’s no surprise that Page recommends improving your own motivation through education.

Her suggestion of asking for help at the library is priceless.  Librarians really will bend over backwards to help you.  It may be one of the few times a skating coach feels someone else is actually more motivated than they are!

The books that Page recommends in this video are:

Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy

Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery by Eric Franklin

In the big picture, skating coaches are teachers and motivators.  But to stay sharp they need to feel motivated themselves, and self education is one of the most effective ways to do that.


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