Bag of Tricks Game – Another Version of LRP (Audrey Weisiger)

World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger continues with a discussion of how to motivate skaters. This video is a continuation of Audrey’s presentation on The LRP Game and you should watch that video prior to this one to fully understand what Audrey is talking about. The purpose of this game is to challenge skaters to “do it when it counts” and to develop a comfort level with attempting elements under pressure without warming them up first. It is also a great way to break practice patterns where skaters only practice skills in the same order, every day.

To do this game, the skaters warm up thoroughly beforehand by doing drills and basic warm-up elements (but not the elements in the Bag of Tricks). Each of the skater’s primary skills are written onto a piece of paper and the skater picks a skill at random, attempts it, and then records it on the LRP chart. The skater then continues this process until the “bag is empty” or they have attempted every element.

Audrey notes that this game is more effective with advanced skaters who are more likely to appreciate the purpose of the game. And although the game can be done alone, it is much more effective if done with a group of skaters, all with their own bag of tricks (but competing on the LRP chart).


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