Two Challenging Jump Exercises (Audrey Weisiger)

World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger teaches a jump class at a seminar. This is a continuation of this video. In this video, Audrey begins by discussing the idea of using difficult and challenging drills in skating. Most skaters thrive on challenges, and skating provides plenty. She then has the class do the drill explained in the previous video, but this time attempt triple toe loop rather than a double. She follows that with adding a second jump in combination with the triple toe. The idea is to gradually and step by step increase the difficulty to build mastery.

Audrey notes that some skaters don’t like to try new things or things they cannot do in front of others. She says, “I want you to do things you’re capable of doing, but I want you to push yourself.” She finishes the class with the inside edge hop to outside edge double loop drill. She notes this is sometimes called the “mean drill” by Nick Perna as it is “mean” for coaches to ask for something so challenging.

NOTE: Audrey’s discussion about “Ryan landing on his head” but not popping was referring to a fun performance at the same camp/seminar by Ryan Bradley who performed a range of double jumps in the opposite direction to his normal jump direction. Audrey used Ryan’s performance as an opportunity to raise money for a good cause, and Ryan was a good sport for trying some jumps he had not mastered (or perhaps ever done before).


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