Loop Jump in Combination (Audrey Weisiger)

World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger teaches a class on double loop combination jumps at a seminar. The purpose of the class is to develop jump combinations with the single, double, or triple loop as the second or third jump of the combination. This is a continuation of a previous video on double toe loop in combination.

While finishing up the toe loop part of the class, the skaters find some debris on the ice and Audrey uses it as a teaching moment. She notes that there are a great many random things that are outside a skater’s control. She says, “You have to embrace the risk of your sport, because as well prepared as you can be, anything can happen. And just enjoy it. We’re so blessed we get to do this.”

For the loop jump, Audrey teaches an exercise for improving the loop and double loop itself, as well as making it easier to do in combination. The exercise is a forward inside three turn on the take-off foot, setting with a full pause with the feet crossed (loop prep position), then the loop jump itself, followed by a two foot alignment landing. Initially, many skaters will struggle to land on two feet as the entrance is unusual and they revert to what feels natural after the loop jump (regular one foot landing).

Audrey then explains a more difficult exercise. This has the skater starting on a forward inside edge on the non-take-off foot, with a jump or hop to backward onto the other foot (take-off foot) on a back outside edge (one foot or two foot pause position), then the loop jump, and land in alignment again. To end the video, a few skaters in the class attempt the final exercise with double loops.


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