Toe Loop in Combination (Audrey Weisiger)

World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger teaches a class on double toe loop combination jumps at a seminar. The purpose of the class is to develop jump combinations with the single, double, or triple toe loop as the second or third jump of the combination.

In classic Audrey style, she starts the class with a reminder that “We are what we practice.” This short motivational speech is intended to set the tone for the class and was an ongoing reminder to the skaters at the seminar of the bigger picture goals of the overall seminar.

To start the class, Audrey has the skaters do a forward swizzle and then jump off two feet with half rotation turns (in their normal rotation direction) from forward to backward and then backward to forward, all with the arms in frame position. This is then repeated down the ice. This exercise is a chance for skaters to work on “floxing” or the idea of locking out the landing leg and flexing the landing foot in the air. It also provides a small amount of rotational energy to assist with the toe loop exercises to come.

The next exercise is also in frame and begins with the same swizzle and two foot jump to backwards, but this time the landing is on one foot with the free foot in front and the skater then reaches back and does a single toe loop and lands in “alignment.” The alignment landing is a two foot landing with the feet crossed and shoulders turned to the landing side with strong alignment from skate through hips and shoulders. This is awkward for many skaters as these movements are not typical and the sequence is not commonly performed.

The next exercise in the progression is the same as the previous but with a one foot landing on the toe loop rather than the two foot alignment landing. The goal is to then do the exercise with a double (or triple) toe loop. Many skaters struggle with landing the two-foot take-off half rotation jump on one foot with the free foot in front, but this is critical to doing a good toe loop in combination. It should be mastered in the earlier exercises if a skater struggles with it.


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