Triple Loop Lesson – Part 2, Drills (Chris Conte)

National coach Chris Conte continues his triple loop lesson with a skater who is building a triple loop from the double. In the first part, he observed that this skater’s jump lacks quickness, particularly in the hook. In this video, Chris shares an outstanding drill and modifies it to build the take-off movement he is seeking.

He begins the video by sharing what he calls “the power pull drill.” This drill is essentially a solid loop setup with repeated “small power pulls” with the take-off foot to feel the necessary edge pressure. He wants these pulls to be quick and isolated, with the rest of the body basically motionless. Eventually he changes the drill so that one of the pulls is the hook of the jump and finally he has the skater do the exercise without the power pulls at all (just the hook).

One of the challenges this skater faces that is common in the loop jump is what Chris calls the “power squat” pause at the bottom. Instead, Chris wants the skater to go down to create the edge pressure and immediately come back up. He describes it as “bouncing” off the edge.

Chris takes a moment to relay a story about a discussion he had many years ago with 1996 US Men’s Champion and World Bronze Medalist Rudy Galindo. Rudy described the loop as getting lined up and holding still, then dropping to feel the edge. As the hook finished, he said “and on the second part as I’m coming up fast, I just feel like I keep the ball of my foot right under my chin” so his head wouldn’t come out of alignment.


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