Triple Loop Lesson – Part 1, Quickness (Chris Conte)

National coach Chris Conte works on the triple loop with a skater who has a solid and consistent double loop. To begin the lesson, Chris immediately observes that the “hook” and rotation is slow on both the double loop and the triple loop attempt. To solve this, Chris wants the skater to “apply the same amount of force with less of a knee bend and in a quicker fashion.” Chris shows the skater a video of a triple loop by Gracie Gold. We can’t see that in the video, but a video is included below of Gracie Gold’s triple loop in her free skate at the 2014 US Nationals for your comparison. The video shows the jump 3 times, 2 at regular speed and once in slow motion.

Chris focuses on the timing, and he uses “sing-song” chant to help change the timing. Chris wants the “drop to the lift” to be one smooth and quick motion. He makes an important observation. He says, “We want the straight part to be going fast and the hook for the triple loop to be very narrow.” Chris uses the following sing-song: “Mohawk, set, line up.”  He wants the skater to align the shoulders with the skating blade on the “line up” and he wants the skater to think of being out of the knees for the “up” with a straight but “soft” skating knee. He does not like “squat, lift, squat.”


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