Triple Flip Lesson (Kori Ade)

Olympic coach Kori Ade works with one of her skaters learning a triple flip.  This skater lacks the necessary air time for the triple but Kori shows the process of building the jump from the double.

In this lesson Kori talks about using a bunny hop to help create rhythm and timing and a lighter jump with more air time, rather than one that is “heavy.”  She notes that skaters should “pick on the way up.”

Next, Kori focuses on arm placement and movement in the jump.  The goal is to maintain rotational control (often described as “checking the rotation) while also allowing the arms and body to rotate the necessary amount for the triple.  The arms can affect the timing as well as the axis of the jump.

Some of the focus in this lesson is also on the reach and pick for the jump.  Kori wants some reach, rather than picking directly under the jump as the body passes over it.  The key when using this idea is to reach and pick on the way up, thereby creating the necessary timing and power.

Late in the video as the audio degrades, the skater does one attempt that is “stuck” meaning it didn’t have the correct timing to create the necessary rotation.  The final triple attempt is pretty good in the sense that the skater applied all the concepts discussed in the lesson (but still lacks air time).


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