Double Flip Jump In Figure Skating (Kori Ade)

Kori Ade offers some thoughts about teaching double flip in this lesson video.  At the beginning of the lesson she shares some insights about what physical characteristics give a skater an advantage with rotation in the air.   She notes that the demonstration skater is “built to rotate” and needs to work on power to be able to land more advanced jumps.

When Kori is just beginning the double flip with a skater, she starts on the short axis of the rink with less speed.  She also likes to use a bunny hop or similar jump to create some rhythm and cadence for the double attempt.  Throughout the video you’ll notice the focus on rhythm.  Also notice that Kori is using a mohawk entrance rather than a forward outside three turn.  Good coaches often select the entrance that works best for a skater when learning a new jump.

Kori explains that skaters that typically have really good lower body awareness or natural ability often have to focus or “be aware” of their upper body when jumping.


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