Figure Skating Combination Jumps – Toe Loop Combos (Audrey Weisiger)

Audrey Weisiger continues her discussion of toe-loop combination jumps with ideas for drills to build consistency and mental toughness.  One of the primary issues with combination jumps is the reduction in flow or speed across the ice caused by the first jump in the combination.  Many skaters, sensing this reduced speed, modify the technique of the second jump.

Unfortunately, most skates modify the technique in a negative way that makes the second jump spinny, thus reducing flow even further.  Audrey’s drills, on the other hand, teach a skater to do the second jump of a combination correctly, even with reduced flow because they regularly practice with reduced flow in these drills.

Audrey’s story about working with Ryan Bradley (US National Champion) on nearly stand-still triple-toe loops is telling.  Ryan has a very competitive personality and Audrey’s challenge was a way for him to build skill and confidence with combinations while simply working on a “fun” drill.  Audrey’s “anti-ism” drill is similarly challenging for most skaters but incredibly beneficial for combination jump training.

Short but great video.


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