Toe Loop Combination Jumps – Toe Axel Error (Audrey Weisiger)

Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger continues her discussion of toe-loop combination jumps with a short discussion of the “toe axel” error.  Audrey begins by explaining what a “toe axel” is.  Then she describes what a proper toe loop should be.  Skaters that have a good solo double toe loop (not in combination) sometimes have problems with the toe axel error when done in combination.  The reasons are clear from this video.  The primary reason is that a skater is simply not used to doing double toe loops with virtually no speed, which is typically how they must do them in combination.  Audrey recommends progressing from normal speed all the way down to standstill double and triple toe loops as a way to train these combinations.

Audrey also offers advice to minimize frantic take-offs or toe axels when done in combination.  The jump must “move through” properly, requiring significant patience by the skater.

NOTE:  Skaters that learned a double toe loop as a toe axel are much more likely to do a toe axel in combination, even if they’ve “fixed” their solo double toe loop.  This emphasizes the importance of teaching proper toe loop technique right from the beginning with all skaters so that these challenges are much less likely to occur later on.  Learn-to-skate coaches have tremendous responsibility in setting initial movement patterns that skaters may use for their entire skating careers.  Triple toe axels are essentially unheard of because the toe axel movement is inherently inefficient.


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