The Walley – Part 2 (Page Lipe)

This follow-up video on the walley jump is presented by International figure skating coach Page Lipe. In Part 1 she explained how she introduces and teaches the walley, with important insights and demonstrations. In this video, she continues with additional insights and random thoughts about the learning process.

To organize the upper body and develop better awareness of the proper shoulder action, Page often puts something (marker, skate guard, toy, etc) in the skater’s skating side hand and has them grab it with the free side hand during the jump. Sometimes she’ll put the item in the other hand instead. She also shows a valuable basic drill of simply jumping without rotation from one back inside edge to the other and back repeatedly. She talks about common errors and emphasizes that “it’s all about staying level and doing most of the work by turning in with the thigh.”

Page explains that the goal is to have a walley with lots of speed and flow, but in the beginning she does a lot of stand-still exercises. The walley is important because it’s a transition. Page recommends an opposite walley into rocker-rocker into double or triple lutz. It’s also important because learning a good walley teaches the skater to keep the shoulders level and anchor the head properly for jumping in general.

Page takes a minute to discuss the overall learning process. She builds up the skills using the drills, but moves quickly to trying actual walleys where she sees what errors are occurring and corrects them. A common error is head anchoring and she explains how she addresses it (like using “bite the coat” exercise or pinning something to the skating side shoulder to look at during take-off).

To finish her discussion, Page recommends trying various arm positions. Skaters who have mastered the walley should “put their own stamp on it” by adding arm variations, and this again teaches valuable lessons for jumping in general. See both arms up variation in this Michelle Leigh video about walleys.


ALSO: Check out these examples of skaters doing walley entrances to double and triple lutzes, with arm position variations.


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