Figure Skating Technique – Building A Single Jump Into A Double Jump (Page Lipe)

Page Lipe discusses how she moves from the single jump to the double jump.  This is a very important video as most coaches and skaters do this wrong or at least in a way that is not beneficial.

The basic concept of this video is universal in figure skating.  Almost all coaches ask their skaters to do single jump into back scratch spin when preparing to attempt the double jump.  However, as Page notes, if not done correctly, this drill “really does no good at all.”  It is important for the skater to land the single jump with the feet crossed and the arms in.  When they can do that, then they’re ready to attempt the double.

Page does a valuable demonstration of the drill done incorrectly and then some demos of the drill done correctly.  She notes that it’s scary and skaters will have problems with it.  She offers a great tip when she says, “It’s a lot easier to correct when you’re going very very slowly.”  (It’s also easier when they don’t jump very high.)

Page also explains she doesn’t just want the feet crossed, but rather the ankles together and she works on it until they can do it prior to attempting the double.


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