The Second Up – Part 4 (Kori Ade)

Olympic coach Kori Ade continues her discussion of what she calls the “second up” as a way to think about jump take-offs and collecting into the air position.  In the first part, she explained the basic concept and why it’s important and began some exercises to improve the second up on an axel.  In the second part, she offered exercises to improve the axel take-off further.  In the third part, Kori showed how she uses these concepts with a skater as she helps develop a double axel.  In this video, Kori discusses the second up with respect to the loop jump.

As Kori explains, the second up “feels different” for a loop jump compared to a weight transfer jump like axel or salchow.  The skater “turns forward” at take-off and “closes the space” in the legs to create the “second up.”  To illustrate this, she has the skater do a “click single” where the skaters only does a single loop but taps the feet or ankles together in the air.  Kori wants the feet to come together at the top of the jump (not on the way down).  To help us see the difference, Kori has the skater do two double loop jumps with and without focusing on the second up.  One very important tip is the following:  Kori says, “We like to use the term ‘pull up’ instead of ‘pull in’ because it just reminds the skater that they’re trying to reach the top of the jump.”


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