The Second Up – Part 1 (Kori Ade)

Olympic coach Kori Ade shares her concept of a “second up” in a good figure skating jump.  The “first up” is the actual movement of jumping up in the air, and Kori explains, the “second up” is the movements of getting into the rotational position.  Kori talks about “creating space” in a jump between the first and second up.  Some people refer to this as delaying the jump, but the “space” that Kori is talking about can be quite short in terms of time.  In essence, the skater must fully press up into the air for maximum lift, and having a very small delay can help a skater ensure this maximum air time.  Notice that Kori is not advocating delayed jumping with huge delays as that chews up too much of the air time.  Without enough air time to rotate, there is no way to do a triple or quad jump.

To illustrate the concept and build the skills necessary, Kori has the demonstrator do a “bell jump” or “bell waltz jump” which she calls a “bell click jump.”  For skaters having a hard time with these kinds of exercises, Kori recommends a “speed time out” where she makes the skater have reduced speed across the ice and focus on timing and control.  After an axel without a “second up” Kori and the skater work on standstill waltz jump drills where the shoulders twist against the hips (and against the rotation).  Kori talks about it as a washcloth that twists.  Many coaches call this “winding into the air position” as in “winding up.”


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