Starting a Haircutter Spin (Kim Ryan)

Spin specialist Kim Ryan continues her lesson with a skater just learning a layback spin (see part 1 here). In this part of the lesson, Kim challenges the skater to learn the haircutter variation. As you’ll see, Kim uses a step-by-step approach to the spin starting with her “skinny V” entrance with the skating-side arm remaining in front until the end of the hook as a way to settle the spin and center it. Then the skater needs to go into a regular layback or at least a basic attitude position, stacking the shoulders over the free hip.

Kim talks about how to reach for and grab the skate, and also where to actually hold the skate with respect to the head. She offers a “trick” that eliminates the need for skaters to search or hunt for the skate prior to the grab. She emphasizes the need to keep the free hip up with the body “stacked” over the skating foot (hips, shoulders, head).

When skaters first attempt a haircutter, they often lose focus on the entry, as does this skater. Kim helps the skater refocus and the the skater does a better entrance and makes a very good first attempt at a haircutter. The next attempt travels so Kim ends the lesson with a quality basic layback. It is always a great reminder that skaters need to master the basics before focusing on variations.

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