Improving a Layback Spin with Haircutter Variation (Kim Ryan)

Spin specialist Kim Ryan continues with a layback spin lesson. You can view part 1 of this lesson here.  In this part, Kim works with the skater to integrate a haircutter position into the spin and a stronger exit. After the layback and haircutter, Kim wants the skater to return to the “skinny V” prior to exiting the spin. She also spends more time on centering the spin by focusing on the entrance movements of the arms and shoulders.

Kim takes the skater to the wall and works on the process of moving from the layback into the haircutter. Notice the focus on keeping the grab hand close to the body and moving it along the leg to the skate blade. Kim also changes the skater’s foot position at the very beginning of the basic layback where the free leg is straight (even locked) and the toe is flexed instead of bent. The skater struggles with maintaining proper balance over the blade during the various position changes, and clearly has varying levels of body tension. In the skater’s defense, Kim is sharing a large amount of information in a short period of time.


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