Spin Tips – Big Toe, Little Toe, and Toe Pick (Charyl Brusch)

In this short video, spin specialist Charyl Brusch talks about a variety of toe concepts for spins. She begins the video by addressing where to step into a backspin from a forward spin and noting that she does not typically ask a skater to put the pressure on the little toe which is commonly taught. Instead she suggests putting the pressure on the big toe for this transition as it keeps the skater’s ankle more vertical and prevents an oversized circle for the first revolution.

Charyl does talk about little toe a lot when entering a forward spin using the forward outside edge entry. This concept helps skaters stay on the outside edge as they rock forward to do the three-turn prior to the actual spin.

She also makes the point that flying spin take-offs and landings definitely use the toe pick. The toe pick provides stability, safety, and consistency, as well as power. And as she says, “I try not to use either big toe or little toe too much on flying spin [take offs]… I just want them to hit it.” The exception is if a skater does a “salchowy” flying camel, where the little toe concept can be helpful to prevent the undesirable back inside edge.

When landing a flying spin (particularly death drops), Charyl often has the skater think about landing with pressure on the big toe to simulate a regular backspin entry with a quick snap into the backspin (typically a back sit).


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