Back Spin Figure Skating Tips – Part 1 (Charyl Brusch)

Spin specialist Charyl Brusch explains how she introduces the back spin.  Charyl notes that initially a backspin is more difficult to learn than the forward spin, but over time they become easier than the forward spin to the vast majority of skaters.  Charyl offers insights as to why this is true. When teaching a backspin, Charyl starts with a back inside pivot.  Many coaches neglect this step with their skaters, or do it without conviction.  But a good back inside pivot is important to learning the backspin because it teaches alignment, blade usage (staying forward on the blade – in this case on the toe pick), and body stillness associated with good spinning.  It’s important for skaters to be able to do the back pivot with most of their weight on the toe pick rather than on the main blade of the orbiting skating foot.  Charyl explains where she wants the arms and belly button to do a good back pivot. Next, after a skater can easily rotate in a still position on the back pivot with most of their weight on the toe pick, Charyl has the skater pick up the orbiting foot.  She wants it in a very specific location and explains a simple trick to remember it and feel it for the skater.  She also covers arm position in the next phase of the spin development.


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