Spin Lesson – Basic Positions With Emphasis on Camel (Charyl Brusch)

Figure skating spin specialist Charyl Brusch begins a new spin lesson with a skater. This video focuses on “warm-up” spins for this skater which are the basic positions including upright forward and back spins, forward and backward sit spins, and forward camel spin. After a very solid forward upright scratch spin, the skater steps out of a back scratch. On the second back scratch spin, Charyl wants the feet together and mentions the need to flex the non-axis foot more.

On the sit-change-sit the skater struggles a bit with the entrance, spin speed, and taking too long to get into position. The skater is using a forward inside edge, step to the entrance edge entry but Charyl does not like the direction of the forward inside three turn. This is an incredibly common error for skaters using this entry, and Charyl has the skater flatten out this 3-turn  and then “step more on a diagonal” while keeping the head more to the right so the edge does not curl (“pull around”) too strongly. Charyl explains and demonstrates how a deep exit edge on the forward inside 3-turn can result in having the upper body outside the actual entry edge after the step forward, and this kills the energy of the spin.

On the camel spin, Charyl is initially concerned about the skater releasing the skating side arm a bit too early during the initial moments of the spin. To address this, she has the skater do a few “spiral drills” to get a strong and controlled entry position. Notice the focus on precision and strength of this position, and the ability to hold it. Charyl wants the shoulders to face in the direction of the spin rather than being open too much to the axis side (“turn your body toward your skating leg”). The next camel attempt has a much stronger entrance and overall spin speed, and Charyl finishes the lesson adjusting the skater’s hand position.


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