Small Group Lesson – More Triple Axels (Vincent Restencourt)

Coach and former French competitive skater Vincent Restencourt continues a small “group” lesson for two male skaters who are both working on triple axel (see earlier part of lesson here). One of the skaters essentially pops every attempt in this video (although not all attempts had video), and Vincent indicates there is a major reason for it. He notes the skater is trying too hard and trying to “force” the jump which makes is very unlikely to happen. A symptom of this is a tendency to lunge forward with the upper body on the axel step, and Vincent conveys this to the skater at least twice with a physical reminder. Vincent also suggests the reason the skater is trying too hard is he had fully rotated some the previous day (stepped out of landings) and “almost landing it” sometimes messes with the brain. He also mentions the mental aspect of not truly believing in the jump yet, so the skater isn’t as committed as necessary.

For the other skater, Vincent notes the tendency to release the shoulders early on the take-off edge. He wants the axis shoulder to be pulled back, so the skating shoulder is well forward. Notice the discussion of arm positions prior to the step forward, Vincent suggests bringing the “left to the right” or axis side arm to non-axis side. But also note the non-axis arm is still pointed “outside” the circle (so both arms start outside the circle on the step). Vincent also reminds the skater to raise the free knee after the step while on the initial part of the take-off edge. Vincent also tells this skater, “You don’t need any power to do a triple axel. You just need a good technique and good timing.” Obviously this is skater-specific advice, as some skaters need more power. The skater gets a clean triple but does a double three on the landing.

In the video, there is also a cameo appearance by Jason Brown who does a nice double axel at 2:01 and triple flip-Euler-triple salchow-triple toe combination at 3:29 (which Vincent claps for).


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