Triple Flip and Triple Loop Lesson (Michelle Leigh)

In this figure skating video, World and Olympic coach Michelle Leigh gives an advanced skater a lesson on the triple flip and triple loop. The skater is clearly an excellent athlete as can be seen from the air time on the triple flip attempts. On the triple flip, Michelle wants the skater to have a little less follow-through with the arms on the jump take-off. This will allow the skater to get into rotation faster and it will also minimize the likelihood the jump will “tip over backwards” in the air (see first attempt). Michelle also wants the skater to keep the arms in longer at landing and she has the skater practice this in the walk-through.

Moving on to the triple loop, notice the focus on staying on the axis side throughout the take-off. Michelle says, “You’ve got to come around, but try to stay inside the circle as you’re doing it.” The single loop to 2-foot landing drill helps the skater focus on this as well as develop an easy rhythm for the jump. Michelle notes that the skater is properly twisted to the axis side and inside the circle at landing. Also notice the detailed landing drills (flexing axis foot and then settling free foot back prior to unhooking). With the skater staying “inside the circle” she can generate a lot more lift and rotational energy from the skating foot on the ice (“your foot’s well underneath”). Michelle also briefly mentions the need to be “tipped back” at take-off, so the hips drive the jump up in the air.


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