Triple Lutz Flow Lesson (Audrey Weisiger)

World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger works with skater Ryan Dunk on his triple lutz combination jump at a seminar a number of years ago. (See the previous part of this lesson on triple axel here.) The initial comments in this video are related to the previous lesson, where Audrey wanted Ryan to finish on a strong note on triple axel. After the first triple lutz double toe combination, Audrey wants more speed and edge quality on the exit of the triple lutz.

Audrey asks for more flow, but does not explain how to create it, trying to get more flow simply by asking Ryan to be aware of it. After an attempt with a extra turn on landing of the first jump, Audrey asks for just a solo triple lutz with more entry speed to focus on exit flow. After the triple lutz with more speed, Audrey asks another skater (Angela) to demonstrate a triple lutz with flow. The critical landing moment of this jump is blocked from the camera, but you can still see the flow on the exit. Audrey then has Ryan do a double lutz trying for the same “out-flow” on the landing.


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