Small Group Double Axel Lesson – Part 2 (Audrey Weisiger)

World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger continues her lesson with 3 skaters on double axel drills and attempts. See Part 1 here. Audrey begins this video by letting the skaters attempt some double axels so she can assess what to do next. Her phrase “go figure it out” is a classic way to have skaters take responsibility for their training. She also notes that skaters who have already been given a lot of information often simply need to process it and try to implement it. She also acknowledges that falling is necessary (within reason), and she encourages the skaters to “pad up.”

Audrey offers specific and different advice to each of the skaters. She then asks one of the skater to do a “double bell jump” which is one of the most underutilized drills for double axel. A single bell jump is a drill used for single axel development, and it’s often called a once around or a half-axel. To help the skater learn to finish the rotation, Audrey then asks for a double bell jump with a turn to land in alignment.

At this point in the lesson (and full skating day), the skaters are getting tired. Audrey still uses the time to work on quickness and “snap” (which is still part of double axel development) by having the skater do walleys in both directions. For skaters who struggle with a walley in their non-natural direction, Audrey recommends two foot air turns to get used to the rotation. She complicates the drill by asking for “walley to the right, walley to the left, single lutz.” She goes on to say, “Just for your perspective, my student Michael Weiss did walley to the right, walley to the left, triple lutz as the last jump pass in his long program.” To get a double lutz, Audrey recommends starting with a single into backspin/twizzle.


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