Double Axel Lesson (Audrey Weisiger)

World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger gives a double axel lesson at a Grassroots to Champions seminar. The skater in the lesson is working on a new double axel.  Audrey starts by observing a double axel attempt and then discussion the idea of “cutting across the take-off” which is a very common double axel problem.  Typically skaters working on double axel are at or below the minimum required jump height.  The automatic and unconscious response to this by nearly all skaters is to try to create more rotation by “cutting across” or “swinging around” the jump flow direction.  Audrey says, “I felt like your right side invaded the left side too much on the take-off.”

Next Audrey has the skater do a single axel landing in “alignment” with the primary focus on jumping higher.  The next double attempt is higher, but the skater is still cutting across the take-off and finding it difficult to get back over the landing side in the air.  Audrey offers tips regarding head and arms to help minimize the “cutting across.”  Audrey recommends seeing the hands on take-off but the skater turns the head and body into rotation before the hands come up high enough to be seen.

Audrey also talks about the back setup edge and the desired posture.  She says, “Focus on not creeping around the corner.”  Notice the use of single axels as a way to try new things and develop new awareness.  Audrey notes, “So I actually feel like she’s making the correction on the single, but it’s hard to apply it to the double.”  Notice on the “hands-on” walk throughs how the skater turns the lower body while keeping the upper body facing the jump direction.  Audrey describes it as “feel like you’re jumping through this bowling alley and… turn underneath.”  She also has the skater do single axels in “frame” with landing in “alignment” to help straighten out the jump.

Very, very common double axel problems in the video with great insights by an Olympic coach.  This is a very valuable video for anyone working on double axel.


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