Double Axel Lesson: More Drills – Part 2 (Audrey Weisiger)

World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger continues with a double axel lesson for a skater who has been working on the jump a while, yet has never landed it.  In Part 1, Audrey shared the one-foot axel drill and a variation of a forward outside jump pivot drill.  She begins this part of the lesson with a forward outside three turn drill to a tucked foot position (crossed feet).  She also works more on head and shoulder position an overall alignment as well as the movement to get into the air position.  She also returns to the one foot spin jump into the backspin drill from Part 1.

Audrey then returns to the forward outside three turn drill from earlier and has the skater feel the drill, then jump it faster and faster.  Through this process Audrey basically tricks the skater into doing a double axel (well not quite, but it’s a huge improvement).  She notes that she did not say “double axel” on purpose (mental games!).  She simply built up a drill, slowly turning it into a double axel.  She says, “Now you’re spinning off the toe like you’re supposed to.”  Go back to Part 1 to see the overall progress of this jump in just one 20 minute lesson.


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