Small Group Double Axel Lesson (Audrey Weisiger)

World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger works with 3 skaters on double axel drills. She begins by asking the skaters for a single axel in frame with a landing in alignment. All of the skaters struggle with this exercise and Audrey immediately recognizes that these skaters are having axis and alignment issues. She says, “I’d would rather have you too much inside the circle than outside the circle.” She then shows the skaters a video example of what she is talking about. Once the skaters understand this concept, they have much more success with the exercise.

The next exercise is a single axel from a standstill, land in alignment, back outside twizzle on landing foot, back inside twizzle on non-landing foot, and finish in alignment. She follows that exercise with another which is a single axel in frame from a standstill, landing in a back twizzle. After more attempts, Audrey offers specific detailed advice to each skater.

In various parts of the video, Audrey discusses how most skaters actually learn, and particularly the concept of self-correction. She says, “I feel like we (coaches) are more guidance for them… and then the gifted athletes figure it out.”


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