Sit Spin Tips and Observations (Bobbe Shire)

Figure skating spin specialist Bobbe Shire discusses some aspects of the sit spin, both forward sit spin and back sit spin. At the beginning of the video, she notes that skaters that make progress quickly on the sit spin are those that are willing to fall on it. As she says, “I don’t know anybody that learned a really good sit spin without going home with a sopping wet butt for a while. You’ve got to dare to sit.” She encourages skaters to get out of their comfort zone to make maximum progress.

Next, Bobbe addresses the issue of a straight free leg on the sit spin. Many coaches try to get a perfectly straight free leg, but Bobbe prefers the look of the spin with a slight leg bend. Plus she notes that back sit is very challenging with a straight leg. However, she doesn’t want the free leg “wrapped up” and close to the skating foot but extended away.

Finally, Bobbe talks about the back sit spin entry and how she does not like it when skaters go into the spin on 2 feet, dragging the “free” foot. She prefers that the skater lifts the free foot and keeps it away from the ice. This creates more spin energy because the edge loading of the entrance occurs with the greatest moment of inertia. Watch the demonstrations to see how she likes a back sit spin.


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