Sit Spin Variations: With Twist (Bobbe Shire)

Bobbe Shire discusses how to achieve the core change feature in the sit spin.  She calls this a twisted sit spin.  The video starts with two demonstrations and then Bobbe explains how to think about the core change to make it happen.  Remember the core change must be significant, so Bobbe’s tips really help create that.

Note that Bobbe mentions a core change in the forward sit but does not explain it.  It is generally much easier to create the core change in the back sit, which is why so many skaters and coaches prefer it.

It is necessary for many skaters to use arm and shoulder leverage to create the twist.  Placing the arms as Bobbe suggests allows the skater to do this.  Near the end of the video, there’s a demonstration of a twisted pancake (or a pancake spin with a core change).  At the very end, Bobbe touches on one of the most common errors with pancakes and twisted sit spins which is the skater’s tendency to move forward toward the toe pick rather than staying back in the sweet spot of the blade.


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