Jumps Within Spins (Bobbe Shire)

Figure skating spin specialist Bobbe Shire explains how she teaches the camel spin jump into flying sit spin combination.  A jump within a spin can add an IJS level to a spin and Bobbe shares her favorite way of taking advantage of this rule.

For the camel into flying sit, she tells her skaters “the less you make of it the easier it is.”  She wants the free leg to drop down and back up for the fly, rather than going around like in most combination spins.  She also puts a lot of emphasis on arm movements and stopping them properly to increase stability.  Obviously the skaters needs to be able to do a solo flying sit before doing this combination.  Bobbe wants the free foot to come through open and cautions against turning the free foot in because “it won’t spin.”

Editor’s note:  When Bobbe says the camel has “3 turns” she means 3 full revolutions before starting the jump movements.  She is not talking about three-turns (standard skating turn).

There are some pretty good demonstrations by 3 different skaters.  One of the skaters lands the flying sit in a “broken leg” position.  Bobbe notes this is a good way to get 2 levels at once, but the skater should first master the regular flying sit before learning this variation.

Bobbe talks about tucking the skating leg on the flying sit part of this spin.  Even though it does not appear to be necessary to get the call, Bobbe has her skaters work on the tuck as the spin becomes more and more comfortable.  She says, “It’s more about the rhythm and timing and being able to turn that (free) foot open.”


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