All About Sit Spins (Bobbe Shire)

Figure skating spin specialist Bobbe Shire continues her discussion of spin basics.  In the first video of this series, she shared a repeatable spin setup and entrance to maximize rotational energy while giving the skater the greatest possible chance for centering consistently.  In the second video, she reiterated that she goes back to these basics whenever her skaters are having problems centering, and she introduced the sit spin.

In this video, Bobbe begins by having one of her skaters demonstrate a “sitting on the heel” style of sit spin.  Notice the strength of the back position.  Bobbe is clear that the actual sit spin position is usually a matter of personal taste, as long as the skating thigh is parallel to the ice (hips even with knee or below the skating knee).

Next Bobbe talks about how body type affects sit spin position and how some skaters stick their hips out too far behind.  She offers a valuable tip to help skaters adjust the position by changing the arm and hand position.  One major myth that continues to survive is that the upper body is upright on a good sit spin.  This is false, and Bobbe explains the that upper body will be forward (and sometimes well-forward) but in a strong (arched) position.  At the end, Bobbe also notes that the alternate arm positions are a temporary fix, used primarily to gain mastery of the spin, but she eventually wants the arms straight and the hands down in front.


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