Simple Motivation Technique (Audrey Weisiger)

In this very short video, World and Olympic coach Audrey Weisiger shares a very simple but powerful method for motivating skaters and for addressing one of the most common issues facing skaters who train regularly. Day-to-day progress can be brutally slow and frustrating, and having a fun way to be reminded of progress or the “little wins” that may not even register on normal goal sheets can be very beneficial for skaters.

Leave it to a master-motivator like Audrey to come up with a fun solution that works and that ANYONE can implement. Note that skaters can do this even without their coach’s involvement, by writing down things they think went well on each practice session. Keeping small slips of paper has as different psychological effect compared to writing these kinds of notes in a journal. Don’t overlook the details here. Just try it!


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