Sets of Jumps to Begin Program Integration (Debbie Warne-Jacobsen)

National level coach Debbie Warne-Jacobsen continues a series of videos covering a lesson for an adult skater who is working on her USFS Senior Free Skating test. In the first part of this lesson, the focus was on the double salchow-Euler-double salchow combination jump. In the second part of this lesson, they worked on a double loop double loop combination jump. The third part of the lesson focused on exercises leading to double lutz, and the fourth video was the process of landing the double lutz. In this video, Debbie has the skater do “sets of jumps” to build consistency of the jumps as part of a larger performance.

Debbie says, “It’s one thing to be able to do these jumps individually. I think it’s quite another to be able to put them back to back and start putting them in a program.” Notice that this exercise is not the same as actually doing “program sections” but is instead simply stringing jumping passes together as a way to work on the jumps in a way that is more “like” a program. Skaters may choose to include connecting steps and choreography between jumps if the jumps being worked are sequential in their program (not separated by spins or footwork, etc) but usually the skater simply tries to connect the jumps with transitions that create flow and stability. Debbie explains that she usually starts this process with just two jumping passes in a row, moving through all the jumps of a program. After that she combines the jumping passes into three in a row, and then four in a row or as many as are in a skater’s program.


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