Double Loop Double Loop Combination (Debbie Warne-Jacobsen)

National level coach Debbie Warne-Jacobsen continues a series of videos covering a lesson for an adult skater who is working on her USFS Senior Free Skating test. In the first part of this lesson, the focus was on the double salchow-Euler-double salchow combination jump. In this short video, they are working on a double loop double loop combination jump.

The skater attempts the combination but does a double three turn between the jumps and another double three prior to the landing position. Debbie explains that she works on “that as a technique to keep the combination going.” She asks the skater to keep the free hip lifted and the free side “nice and solid” and let the axis side “do the work pushing up into the air.”

Debbie also explains that a very common issue for skaters doing double loop combination jumps is timing. A lot of skaters “will rush the take-off, especially in combinations (they) rush the next jump.” Another tip is the idea of keeping pressure on the axis side to stay checked going into the second jump. Sometimes rushing the second jump is caused by simply not checking the first jump.


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