Double Lutz Lesson (Debbie Warne-Jacobsen)

National level coach Debbie Warne-Jacobsen continues a series of videos covering a lesson for an adult skater who is working on her USFS Senior Free Skating test. In the first part of this lesson, the focus was on the double salchow-Euler-double salchow combination jump. In the second part of this lesson, they are worked on a double loop double loop combination jump. The third part of the lesson focused on exercises leading to double lutz, and this video works through the process of attempting to land the double lutz.

After an initial double lutz attempt that’s a bit short on rotation, Debbie asks for the “backspin to brace” exercise to feel the “wind out” which helps get the landing foot around by aligning it with the shoulders at the moment of landing/touchdown. She describes it as feeling “that right (axis) hip driving into the rotation.” The next attempt is then fully rotated but the skater falls. The next couple of attempts aren’t as good, with slight take-off issues and a two footed landing, and Debbie asks for the “backspin to brace” exercise again, followed by a loop into the landing position.

Most of the remaining attempts have slight issues with the take-off, including insufficient h-position at take-off and insufficient acceleration into both the vertical and rotational aspects of the take-off. Debbie has the skater do a single lutz with the arms pressing in front on the take-off and remaining their in the air and on landing. This exercise it helpful for getting skaters to finish the take-off, helping prevent transitioning to the rotational part of the jump too fast or too soon. Debbie ends by summarizing the status, noting that the skater is “too far back on the landing” meaning she needs to have more forward body pressure to prevent the falls that tend to go straight backwards. She also comments on next steps of development once this jump begins to see some success, including building it into the skaters program.


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